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The UK property market presents some of the best opportunities for both UK and overseas investors.
Residential and student properties are the most popular, and present a wide range of benefits for overseas investors to consider.
Aside from the potential for an impressive return on investment, another major benefit and appealing factor of overseas investment lies with the ease of buying a property in the UK compared to a lot of other countries.We at Alfa Solicitors provide expert advice guiding overseas investors through the purchasing process

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Investing In UK Property


Property prices in the UK vary considerably depending on where you look. Prime Central London (PCL) includes Kensington and Chelsea, Mayfair, Marylebone, St John’s Wood, and prime outer London (POL) include Fulham, Wandsworth and Clapham, Islington, and Canary Warf. Alfa Solicitors can help in securing residential property for overseas buyers throughout the UK


The Freehold nature of property and robust legal system ensure UK real estate remains a safe and means of storing and preserving wealth. If you’re a foreign investor looking to the UK commercial property market, we can help. With our history of acting for foreign investors, family offices and their representatives, we are best placed to understand your unique needs and motivations.


“Moving house is always a stressful time, whether it is a sale or a purchase”

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ALFA Solicitors are specialists in property work, including:
• Freehold sales and purchases
• Leasehold sales and purchases
• New builds
• Buy-to-let
• Shared ownership
• First registrations of property
• Park Homes
• Transfers of Equity
• Auctions


Once you’ve found your ideal property and have had an offer formally accepted you need to instruct the services of a conveyancing solicitor to legally complete the sale. 


Before the contract is exchanged your solicitor will work with you to identify and resolve any issues, before you are legally bound to complete the purchase.


The day when the sale is finalised and the property is legally transferred to you is known as completion day. You are now the legal owner of the property

We are here with you throughout the process

Whether you are a home mover or a first-time buyer, remortgaging or using an auction house, we are here to help.