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Selling your home is a journey, and one that our Alfa Solicitors can guide you through. Whether you’ve sold properties before or are thinking of selling for the first time, we want to ensure you’re armed with the right information. Selling a house and moving to a new property can be much more complicated than buying your first home. As well as marketing and selling your property, you’ll need to work out your financial options, not to mention timing things right with the home you want to move to.

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We know that there’s much more to selling a property than recommending an asking price and marketing it to buyers. We guide you through every step of the way, and no matter what your estate agent tells you, you don’t have to use their in-house service or any external companies they recommend. In fact we would always recommend an independent conveyancing solicitor to help and guide you through the selling process



When selling commercial premises your solicitor will have a number of responsibilities at the outset of the transaction. After investigation of the legal title to your property, your solicitor will prepare the Contract for Sale and ask you to complete one or more CPSE enquiry forms depending on the type of transaction in hand. Details of fixtures and fittings may also be required.

“Moving house is always a stressful time, whether it is a sale or a purchase”

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ALFA Solicitors are specialists in property work, including:
• Freehold sales and purchases
• Leasehold sales and purchases
• New builds
• Buy-to-let
• Shared ownership
• First registrations of property
• Park Homes
• Transfers of Equity
• Auctions


Once you’ve found your ideal property and have had an offer formally accepted you need to instruct the services of a conveyancing solicitor to legally complete the sale. 


Before the contract is exchanged your solicitor will work with you to identify and resolve any issues, before you are legally bound to complete the purchase.


The day when the sale is finalised and the property is legally transferred to you is known as completion day. You are now the legal owner of the property

We are here with you throughout the process

Whether you are a home mover or a first-time buyer, remortgaging or using an auction house, we are here to help.