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If you lose mental capacity without an LPA in place, it will be necessary for your family to apply to the Court of Protection to have a deputy appointed to deal with everyday financial matters. This is a slow and very expensive process, costing thousands of pounds. If you already have an LPA in place, this will not be necessary.

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• Health conditions such as Dementia, Parkinson’s disease, or a stroke can cause making decisions to become virtually impossible.
• If you lose mental capacity without an LPA, it can cost your family time and thousands of pounds to be given permission to handle your affairs.


• Without an LPA, any joint bank accounts you hold with your partner could become severely restricted.
• This can be devastating, especially if the joint owner has their income or pension paid into this account, or they use it to pay critical bills such as a mortgage or utility costs.


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Once you have a lasting power of attorney in place you can have peace of mind that there is someone you trust to look after your affairs if you became unable to do so yourself during your lifetime. This may occur, for example, because of an illness or old age or an accident.


Whether you need to arrange your Will, understand how a Lasting Power of Attorney or a Living Trust could help you, or even how we can assist you in the probate process,


Most people do not realise that in the case of their death, without a will, HMRC becomes the largest beneficiary? Get protection in place now


At Alfa Solicitors we have a variety of products which be tailored specifically for you are available to give you complete control of your estate. and give you peace of mind

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Probate issues can be extremely complex, let our experts help you find the right solutions for your needs.